Registered Investment Advisor

A Tailored RIA Built to Support Licensed Insurance Agents

Have you thought about becoming an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR)?  If not, why not?

Regulatory issues—our industry dodged a bullet when 151A didn’t pass. However, states are now starting to levy finesagainst non-securities licensed insurance agents who fund fixed product sales with money that comes from securities (mutual funds, stocks, bond, etc.).  To learn about insurance agents who have been fined over this issue and more information about why from a regulatory point of view EVERY insurance agent should obtain their Series 65 license, please click here.

The RIA that Optima has affiliated with “gets it.” They not only offer advisors a very tailored AUM platform, but they fully support and endorse the use of fixed products in financial plans (FIAs and IUL).

We at Optima Financial are here to help your with you IUL sales, but be we are constantly looking help advisors grow and in the case of an RIA platform, help advisors both increase fixed product sales and avoid regulatory problems.

We strongly advocate that all insurance only licensed advisors obtain their Series 65 and work with the RIA we recommend.

If you would like more information on our affiliated RIA’s platform, please call 415-408-7763 or e-mail