Mutual Trust Life Updates

Tele-Med Underwriting
To facilitate underwriting during the COVID crisis, we’re implementing a Tele-Med Underwriting Process on whole life cases for:
Applicants ages 18 – 50 Underwriting Risk Amounts of $300,000 or less Standard and Preferred risk classes Under this process, a paramed exam is not needed. Instead, we’ll order a tele-underwriting interview from ExamOne. You just need to let the proposed insured know to expect a phone call.

Century II illustration system version 5.02 will identify eligible cases. Download version 5.02 HERE. The Underwriting Report generated with the illustration will indicate “TeleMed will be ordered by Mutual Trust” for cases that qualify for the process. Only currently contracted agents are eligible.

DO NOT order exams for qualifying cases. Instead, we’ll arrange a tele-underwriting interview with the proposed insured. Be sure to submit a fully completed application package, including all medical questions.

Mutual Trust reserves the right to request additional requirements as we deem necessary. We also reserve the right to postpone cases where we are unable to obtain sufficient requirements to underwrite the case.

Click HERE for a flyer that outlines this process that you can keep handy.
  Access Tele-Med Flyer

For more information, contact Sales Development at 877-577-5101, ext. 103, or