ExamOne Updates

Service Updates and Office Closings

Areas of impact for life insurance paramedical examination services

We will update as this information continues to change. We are monitoring the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), situation closely, and making adjustments in accordance with national and state mandates, with the safety of our employees and applicants as a priority. Some restrictions may impact our collection network, office closures and appointment availability. Feel free to contact your ExamOne representative or local branch office for specific coverage inquires.

Exam center availability

ExamOne will continue to process life insurance examinations in the available Quest Patient Service Centers (PSC) across the United States. Quest PSCs are considered health care essential businesses or exempt businesses and will be available in impacted areas.

Mobile examination availability

ExamOne will conduct mobile examinations in all eligible areas for applicants who are interested and who have passed the precautionary screening questions prior to the exam date and time. The stay at home restrictions may have impacted our examiner network in certain areas and mobile appointment availability in these areas. Please continue to contact your local branch office for coverage inquires.

Mobile exam availability may be limited in certain areas.