EquiTrust Updates

Some EquiTrust Functions Limited Temporarily – As of April 27, 2020

Since the temporary shift to a work-from-home environment – involving most EquiTrust departments and a majority of employees – specific functions that must be performed onsite have continued in the West Des Moines office.

Beginning today, in response to a potential COVID-19 exposure, onsite staffing is further reduced, with function rotations and elevated employee-safety procedures implemented. These added steps may result in temporary delays in certain areas.

EquiTrust Mail Services

Both in-bound and out-bound mail processing will be impacted for a short duration. Disbursements such as death claims, withdrawals, surrenders and commission checks will have high-priority status. Examples of outbound mail that is subject to temporary delays include issued contracts/policies, transfer paperwork, annual statements and 30-day notification letters. New business mailed to EquiTrust either recently or in the coming days may be subject to processing delays. Please be patient. If you have questions about a specific item, please call 866-598-3692.

Online Resources

For clients anticipating mailed documents, keep in mind that you have full access to your client’s records through the Agents.EquiTrust.com Website. Also, your clients have secured, online access to their contracts/policies on EquiTrust.com, at the My EquiTrust link. Of course, we can assist you and your clients by phone as well.

Remote Selling

Going forward, to assure the most expeditious processing of new-business applications, please consider E-App. The paperless new-business application program is easy to use, minimizes errors, and processes your business and commissions faster. Visit Agents.EquiTrust.com and look for E-App on the Quick Links menu. A short video tutorial explains how to use E-App.

Also consider other remote-sales processes now in available, facilitated by the Remote Application Disclosure form (included with all product applications), and the remote telephone-underwriting-interview procedures for life products. Additional information is available on the Agent Website, Agents.EquiTrust.com.

When in-person meetings aren’t an option, selling life products by phone or by video messaging is available. 

The telephone underwriting interview may now be conducted from separate locations. After the application is completed, follow these revised steps for the telephone interview:

• Begin the interview process by calling ESP at (855) 699-3045, Mon-Thurs 8:00AM-9:30PM, Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM Central.

• If your call goes to voicemail, leave a message for a quicker response.

• Provide the interviewer the insured, owner, beneficiary information and client’s phone number.

• The interviewer will then call your client and review the same health and medical pre-qualification questions found in the application.

• During the interview, an MIB and prescription drug search will be conducted by ESP.

• The interviewer will then call you and – for cases under $250,000 – will communicate to you the conditional underwriting approval/decline decision.

• Declines based only on MIB or prescription history may be referred for additional underwriting consideration. If referred, the interviewer will ask the client additional questions for underwriting consideration.

•The telephone interview must be completed before submitting the application to EquiTrust.

For remote sales of both annuities and life insurance, follow these simple steps:

• Read the Remote Application Policy on page 11 of the Business Guidelines located on the Agent Website – click here.

• Complete the sale with your client by phone or video messaging. For new clients, video messaging is required.

• Complete the product application – either paper or E-App.

• The Remote Application Disclosure form (ET-5200) is included with app packets and E-App. To view, click here.

• Life Products – Read the Underwriting Guidelines then complete the underwriting telephone interview. For Underwriting Guidelines, click here

• Send completed documents to client for signatures – by personal delivery, mail, fax or E-App.

• Have your client return all signed documents to you – by personal delivery, mail, fax or E-App. (Faxes must include a copy of client’s government-issued ID.)

• Submit the application to EquiTrust.

E-App is E-Z!

Learn more of the business advantages of E-App: Click here to watch 3-minute E-App video, or click here to view printable E-App flyer.