Accelerated Underwriting

For Internal Use Only

Last updated on 02/01/2019

This program can help improve the life insurance underwriting process for preferred risk clients by requiring fewer requirements allowing for faster policy approval.

To qualify for accelerated underwriting, the client should meet ALL of the eligibility requirements:

·         Product Availability: Allianz Life Pro +

·         Issue Ages 25-60

·         Death Benefit amount: $1.5 million or less (including existing coverage)

·         Risk Classes: Preferred Nontobacco and Preferred Plus Nontobacco

Clients can still qualify for Preferred Nontobacco and Preferred Plus Nontobacco based on full underwriting, even if they don’t meet the requirements for accelerated underwriting.

Eligible Riders

The following riders are available with accelerated underwriting so clients can continue to customize their coverage to meet their unique needs.

·         Chronic Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider1

·         Convertible Term Rider

·         Additional Term Rider

·         Child Term Rider

·         Other Insured Term Rider2

·         Waiver of Specified Premium Rider1

Rider is available with accelerated underwriting but will be underwritten separately.

Available with accelerated underwriting if both insureds qualify for accelerated underwriting.

Tips to help make this the best experience for a client

·         Submit complete and accurate forms that are in good order.

·         Encourage clients to schedule and complete their PHI as quickly as possible

·         Home office will schedule client exams. If producer plans to schedule exams, please delay at least 10 business days or wait until after the PHI is complete

·         Any exams received before the accelerated underwriting decision has been made will move a client to full underwriting.

·         If producer schedules client’s exam, please delay by at least 10 business days and cancel exams that are not needed if an accelerated underwriting offer has been made.

·         Educate clients that they may still need to go through full underwriting.